High Quality Security Solutions

Led Matrix Night Vision

LED Matrix Night vision

Wondering whats going on at night at your home or busniess? The Matrix car grade L.E.D. Infared allows you to maintain perfect vision in total darkness in an area as wide and big as 98 feet.

Vandal Proof Technology

Vandal proof technology

Ruggedly built to withstand direct and glancing blows to their solid metal housings and tough poly-carbonate lens covers making them more durable against vandals. 

Weather Proof - Water Resistant

Weather proof & water resistant cameras

Weatherproof protection that can combat unpleasant weather ,(rain, snow, sleet or shine,) our cameras can withstand the highest temperatures to below freezing conditions.

Monitor your Cameras Anytime for Free

Alpha cameras & security app

Turn your phone into a mobile survalliance system, with features such as motion alerts, playback, record, view live feed and also take snap shots, protecting your investments just got a lot easier. 

Long Distance Transmission

Long distance transmission

The extensive reach of our cameras is unhindered by power loss, as they steadily transmit crystal clear feeds for up to 1000ft distance, making them suitable for extra-long runs.

Get more recording on less hard drive space

U code technology


Be free from the hassle you may experience while trying to store terabytes upon terabytes of feeds. With our patented U-Code technology you can now save as much as you want, for a high number of days, and without consuming too much hard drive space!

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