Frequently Asked Questions

Are the cameras wireless ?

No. They are not. We do not install wireless systems nor do we recommend you purchase them. They are very unreliable, prone to hacking and suffer signal loss. We only install hard wired systems of the best quality and highest reliability.

Do the cameras see at night ?

Yes. Smart IR LED’s for Night Vision view up to 98ft. Our night vision security cameras have auto adjusting IR illumination to see everything when you cant. 

Whats the diiference between IP Cameras and Analog Cameras ?

The best analog surveillance camera still can't hold a candle to the  worst IP camera when it comes to the resolution of the image it captures. POE {Power Over Ethernet} Technology allows one cable to transmit video and data without having to provide power for every camera individually which saves electric, space and reliability. 

Are the wires exposed outside of my home or business ?

We hide 99% of all wires. Upon consultation, our team of experts will assess your property to find the best solution possible considering all work is customized to each individual job.

Can I update or add to my existing camera system ?

Yes we can. We recommend changing your nvr/dvr to our 5 in one Pvr { Penta-Brid Video Recorder } which works with your pre existing wiring if possible to update your cameras, however, if your system is to out of date, a full install maybe be required .

How long will my cameras record for ?

Using our innovative U-code technology, our NVR's can record 32 days worth of footage from 4 cameras, while recording at 4mp resolution, 24 hours a day. We personalize every recorder to meet your specifications, weather your looking for 30 days or 3 years worth of recording, we have a solution. 

I've already purshased a Security Camera system, can you install it for me ?

No we cannot, we cannot guarantee or warranty your non-Alpha purchased equipment . Further more we don't recommend buying cameras systems from the internet, as you never really know what your getting. Trust professionals like us who have been in the industry for over 15 years to help you choose the right system.

Do the cameras have audio ?

Yes. We do have cameras with built in microphones and can enable 2 way audio with an external speaker if required. 

Do I have to have internet to view my cameras from my phone ?

Yes you do .....

Does the camera system come with tech support ?

Yes it does. We value our customers and believe that  technical support is a great benefit to our dealers as well as their clients. Alpha Cameras & Security cares; we pride ourselves on the level of dedication and value we provide to each and every customer.